Acustic Mall brings the innovation of Scandinavia to your home

We believe in a simple philosophy: high quality sound and image can bring the much desired and sought after moments of relaxation to every day in which the time keeps growing short. We select out of the many high quality brands on the market the models who, together, offer the complete solution for sound and image adventures.

The moments of relaxation are the reason we deal with responsibilities, problems and every day stress day in and day out. Out favorite movie or artist make these moments shine. We're here to enable your access to the perfect experience in the audio video universe by offering complete solutions according to your expectations.


We bring to the Romanian market brands with different philosophies regarding the audio experience: Inovation from Audio Pro, The Solution from XTZ, Affordable high-end from Tsakiridis Devices, Emphasis on substance and style from NOCS, The Art of Glass Speakers from Waterfall Audio, Where precision sound meets iconic design from Definitive Technology, Acoustic Solutions from Vicoustic, Glorious Acoustics from TAGA Harmony, Smart Solutions in Audio from artsound and The Best Computer Audio from Peachtree.


aria makes the only music servers on the market to support an unlimited number of extended metadata fields for any music genre

You can find ARIA products at HiFi Center, both online and in our showroom.

Designed by and for music lovers and audiophiles, aria is a no-compromise music server system sure to please both audiophiles in search of sonic excellence and music lovers with large collections of CDs and/or digital files for whom a powerful and easy-to-use music library management tool is key.

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Smart audio solutions for consumers and businesses, with tailored, reliable products at a fair price.

You can find artsound products at HiFi Center, both online and in our showroom.

artsound is a leading Belgian brand of loudspeakers and audio distribution systems. They have a team of specialists who develop made-to-measure loudspeakers for any environment. Their product range is a guarantee for impeccable quality and beautiful design.

artsound customers know they can count on comprehensive advice and the right support.

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Audio Pro

Listen. Look. Feel. Be inspired. Audio Pro attracts all your senses, delivering an experience far beyond the ordinary.

You can find Audio Pro products at HiFi Center, both online and in our showroom.

Since its start in 1978, the Audio Pro brand has always hewn to a strong, clear philosophical principle: to build well-tested constructions composed of first-class components. Sound quality has always been our key criterion, leading them to build products with simplicity of design and function. This also results in an unbeatable relationship between price and performance.

We want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy good sound quality at home.

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Definitive Technology

The best-selling brand of audiophile grade loudspeakers in the USA praised by audio critics and consumers alike.

You can find Definitive Technology products at HiFi Center, both online and in our showroom.

Definitive loudspeakers are praised for their superior materials, precise workmanship and uncompromising sound quality. Definitive was founded by and is managed today by audiophiles and music enthusiasts for whom achieving audio perfection is a lifetime goal.

Definitive Technology value technology and beauty equally. There is no reason why great sounding products can't look wonderful in your home. Beautiful products can sound as good as or better than unattractive ones.

None of our critical components are "off the shelf". They custom design their own products from scratch using the latest design and measurement tools to ensure precise, accurate sound quality.

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Small, agile and always creating, Nocs sets the standard for audio innovation, designing great products that our customers will enjoy using again and again.

You can find NOCS products at HiFi Center, both online and in our showroom.

Influenced by Apple products like so many others, they decided in 2008 to take their admiration a step further and begin developing products that not only capture their love for revolutionary design and performance, but also their desire to offer the audio electronics market something unique.

Thus was Nocs born -- a brand that places equal emphasis on substance and style, with a suite of products offering exceptional tuning and superior quality while at the same time looking and feeling great. They've made a name for ourselves by infusing high-end materials such as aluminum, titanium, stainless steel and Kevlar with cutting-edge technology, like their built-in three-button remote, their 360° mic, and their Dual Dynamic driver.

As a company that goes wherever inspiration takes them and places no limits on imagination, they've recently made a bold step beyond earphones and into the realm of active speakers and headphones. And six months from now, it's likely they'll be exploring even farther horizons. Ingenuity never sleeps, and neither do they.

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Peachtree Audio

Committed to "continuing the tradition of totally new".

You can find Peachtree Audio products at HiFi Center, both online and in our showroom.

Peachtree Audio introduced its first product, the groundbreaking Decco amplifier, in 2007. The Decco was the world's first integrated amplifier to feature a USB input, allowing its onboard digital-to-analog converter to process music files directly from a computer.

With Peachtree Audio it's all about the music — your music! In this Digital world you need to be able connect your Smart Phone, iPod's or iPad, Apple TV or Computer effortlessly to deliver a rich and satisfying sound that Ear Buds and docking stations can never give you.

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TAGA Harmony

If best performance and value is what you search for, TAGA Harmony family is waiting for you!

You can find TAGA Harmony products at HiFi Center, both online and in our showroom.

The European founders of TAGA Harmony brand started their involvement in audio business in the early years of 1990. They were recognized as music lovers and specialists in high-end audio looking for sonic excellence in speakers.

They recognized that most speakers' brands boasting top sound performance and offering products at top high prices don't really sound good. This prompted them to establish their own brand TAGA Harmony.

They defined main criteria for sound performance of TAGA Harmony speakers – to be accurate, with perfect localization, spacious soundstage and wide dispersion as well as deep, powerful bass and impressive dynamics.

Nowadays TAGA Harmony brand is offering high quality products for audio-video market. Main types of products are: high-end, hi-fi and home theatre speakers, in-wall / in-ceiling and outdoor speakers, multimedia speakers and accessories for speakers.

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Tsakiridis Devices

Tsakiridis Devices produce 'affordable high-end' audio equipment for music lovers the world over since it was esablished in 1987.

You can find Tsakiridis Devices products at HiFi Center, both online and in our showroom.

They spent many years creating audio devices for themselves and for enthusiast friends wanting to experience true 'high-end' audio reproduction but without investing their life savings in the process. They enjoyed this so much that they decided to turn their passion into a business.

The mission, right from the start, was to make high quality audio equipment at a price / performance ratio that would set Tsakiridis Devices apart from the rest: equipment that really does sound good, is easy to live with and looks rather attractive too. That's why all their products are hand crafted in Greece, using the highest quality components available.

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One of the most dynamic companies in the acoustic solutions industry.

You can find Vicoustic products at HiFi Center, both online and in our showroom.

The research-based manufacturer offers a range of innovative products and services, representing the outcome of years of development, testing and optimization.

Vicoustic's mission is simple: Improve the way you listen to your music in an affordable and accessible way. "Many people buy expensive speakers, and use them in very bad acoustic conditions" says Cesar Carapinha, Vicoustic's CEO. "Now it's possible to improve the way you listen to your music, in an affordable and accessible way. Vicoustic offers products for all budgets and highly specialized staff to help you create your ideal listening room".

Vicoustic's engineers work in strategic partnership with other industry sectors, including science institutes and universities, as well as gaining regular feedback from some of Europe's leading acoustic engineers.

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Waterfall Audio

A passion for music and beautiful "objects", a creative mind and a solid team.

You can find Waterfall Audio products at HiFi Center, both online and in our showroom.

Established in 1996 by Cedric Aubriot, Waterfall is from the start positioned as a "niche" product with its innovating glass concept.

12 years after the first sale of a glass loudspeaker, Waterfall is now distributed in over 50 countries and has enjoyed purchases from many prestigious customers as well as received many awards worldwide for design.

The partnership and collaboration with Atohm — a well acclaimed French driver manufacturer — guarantees pure sound through hard work on driver techniques.

Using very sophisticated manufacturing processes for glass cutting with precision of near 100 Microns, they have mastered the art of glass assembly.

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Our goal is to offer the best relation between price, performance and quality on the market

You can find XTZ products at HiFi Center, both online and in our showroom.

When discussing or informing about HiFi as a subject we have to define what a correct reproduction is. According to our sound philosophy a correct sound reproduction should be as close to reality as possible.

This can easily be explained: The only proper way of evaluating sonic performance is to compare it to reality. Anything else is subjective and not possible to rate. The sound produced should in our opinion come as close to the real life experience as possible.

For this reason, the only authentic references possible to use would be comparing singing voices, acoustical instruments and live concerts and so on. Comparing synthetic references such as electronic instruments, dinosours in movie tracks, heavily processed recordings and similar are not suitable since we have no real experience to compare them to.

When listening to a recording it's essential that the listening level is correct because the human ear experiences sound very differently at different level.

Our design is simple but well thought through - modern yet timeless.

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